Blissful morning in Pennsylvania

The 10 am sun beamed through the curtains, waking me up this morning; cool Pennsylvania air reviving my spirits before I even put one foot to the floor.

This past week was the beginning of travel and adventure; spending over an hour driving across state to detox myself of the hostility of New Yorkers, after a collective four hours at two airports and basically the equivalent on an Airbus.

My vacations  are never for spending in Grenada. They are usually for getting my foot wet into other peoples culture, experiencing new things and eating delectable food, that won’t normally be available. (The latter being the most inviting.) This drive have led to gondola cruising in the canals of Venice, eating spicy food in Margarita, shopping in France and a leisurely stroll through the ruins of Rome.

Today, I wake in Pennsylvania;  surrounded by large pine tress, listening to the call of crows, hoping to get a glimpse of a bear on a leisurely stroll through the woods, while wishing a wild turkey walks into my arms screaming ‘cook me’. It is a whole different atmosphere to the week it spent in Brooklyn, constantly bombarded with sirens and curses. Unfortunately for me I cannot remain in Pennsylvania, but the little experience is enough to add pleasurable content, in my vacation database.