Crashed with almost 20

What do you do if your laptop crashes almost 20,000 words, into the first draft of the most exciting fantasy novel you have ever envisioned? Oh yea, let’s assume that you were smug enough, not to retain secondary storage of your work.

Panic! That is exactly what I did.

Totally complacent, because of my husbands status as an IT Technician, I neglected to back-up the work that is suppose to establish my writing career. This action, although a little vacuous, is not really an isolated one. It’s like a carpenter with a furniture-less house or a mechanic who can’t go five miles without breaking down. It is because we know the service is easily accessible, so we tend to put it on the ‘back burner’.

That, however, did not stop my heart from quickening when those prompts consumed my screen.

A little advice for my readers: No matter how reliable you perceive a device to be , please, back-up your work, because at some point all devices fail.


Data should be backed-up:

to prevent loss

to prevent hindrance to work flow

to enable restoration in case of corrupted files


Back-up methods:

External drives

Flash-drive/USB drive

External hard drive

CD (outdated technology)

Online storage/ Cloud storage (Accessible on any computer)

Google drive

Drop box

Microsoft one drive


I hope, by enlightening you to my experience, that you would take the necessary precautions to preserve your work. Remember, if lost, you will never be able to completely replicate your artistry.