The journey is the reward

For months I have been supplying you with mediocre, second-rate blogs without any heart or soul, and for that, I apologize.  I have been merely boring you with meaningless content from an emotionless, place driven by only the need to increase my email list. I was so caught up in starting a new career, that I forgot why writing was always my passion. I forgot why writing is passion.  So instead of enlightening you with consequential writing, I have subjected you to a torture undeserving of my subscribers and still, I wondered why my mailing list remained stagnant.

From this day forward, I pledge that I will do everything humanly possible to remain true to you and also to myself. I will not bore you with lifeless sentences any longer. From this day on, I commit myself fully to the task ahead, branding myself in a way that would be deserving of you. I will not bypass the journey because, as the chinese proverb says, “the journey is the reward”.